LEGAL/ International Arbitration: Berlin Dispute Resolution Days 2023


BERLIN (GERMANY)  On 15th September 2023, on the occasion of the Berlin Dispute Resolution Days 2023, the CEIA/ CIAM/ DIS German-Spanish Arbitration Group organised a conference entitled 'Broadening the perspective: A comparative look at the arbitration practice in Germany, Spain and Iberoamerica' at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.

The conference, which was preceded by a welcome address by the Spanish Ambassador to Germany Ricardo Martínez, featured as speakers two of the leading figures in Ibero-American and German comparative arbitration law, namely Dr. Jan Kleinheisterkamp and Dr. Josep Maria Juliá.

The subsequent networking activities represented, as always, a valuable moment of aggregation and exchange between professionals from all over the world and united by a single interest: arbitration and its potential.

Valenti Legal and Business Consulting, which has always supported arbitration as a strategic alternative dispute resolution tool, was present with its founder Daniela Valenti.