Expertise, confidentiality, and trust: 

these are the three features that better describe our modus operandi

We are a network of exceedingly skilled and fully qualified professionals committed to providing effective and bespoke consultancy.

We carry out our work in compliance with the highest ethical standards and keep confidential the most delicate information and data provided by our clients.

One of the milestones of our job is to create a unique connection with each client such that a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship can arise.

Daniela Valenti

Founder & Business Lawyer

Daniela is the founder of the Valenti Legal & Business Consulting project, a Network of highly skilled Italian and international professionals able to provide innovative consulting services to corporate clients from a legal, tax, commercial, real estate, and communication perspective.

She has extensive experience as a Legal Counsel and Business Developer in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and the USA.  She worked in the legal and export departments of several multinational companies in various industries (among which are fashion and luxury, wine, furniture, and steel) and international law firms. During this professional path, Daniela had the chance to understand these organisations' real issues and practical needs. 

Regarding her academic studies, Daniela holds an equivalent J.D. from the University of Pavia School of Law (Italy), where she graduated with a thesis drafted in Switzerland and focused on Swiss International Arbitration Law. In 2017 she received a Master's in Global Marketing, Communication, and Made in Italy (scholarship winner and awarded at the Italian Parliament) and is recognised by Fondazione Italia USA as an accredited professional in developing business exchanges between the two countries. Later she also earned a Certificate in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration from the University of Roma Tre (Italy). In 2019 she completed the Advanced Program in Legal and Business Practice at the University of Oxford (UK). In 2020 she obtained a second J.D. from the University of Nebrija School of Law (Spain) and in 2021-2022 she received the Master de Acceso a la Abogacia with a thesis on the still little-known potentialities of International Arbitration. In 2022 Fondazione Italia USA awarded for the second time Daniela with a scholarship for the Executive Master in Leadership in International Relationships and Made in Italy.

Daniela is a member of both the Madrid and Verona Bar Associations (of the latter, currently a member of the Commission for International Affairs and other Bar Associations). She's also a member of UIA (International Association of Lawyers) as well as an International Arbitrator of the  AZ Arbitration Center of Cusco  (Peru).

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French.


Daniela Valenti - International Business Lawyer
Daniela Valenti - International Business Lawyer

Stefano Valenti

Co-founder & Legal Advisor

Stefano is a reference point and a great advocate of Valenti Consulting.

He owns significant expertise in Corporate Law with a particular focus on International Business Law, Tax Law, and IT Law. He's a very pragmatic professional with noteworthy problem-solving skills in the most delicate and complicated situations.

Regarding his academic studies, Stefano holds an equivalent J.D. from the University of Pavia School of Law (Italy), where he graduated with a thesis on IT Law. During the years, he also obtained several Certifications and Masters in Business Law. In 2023 he completed a Master in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies e Newtech.

Languages: Italian, English 


Stefano Valenti - Legal Advisor - Tech Law
Stefano Valenti - Legal Advisor - Tech Law

Our Network 

Over the years we have created an important NETWORK of professionals (core areas: Legal, Tax & Finance, Business Development & Made in Italy, Luxury & Commercial Real Estate / Construction Industry) with whom we usually discuss different specific topics concerning our clients' requests so that we can provide the best legal and business service ever.