MEET THE TEAM: Eng. Pablo Fanelli officially joins the Luxury & Commercial Real Estate / Construction Industry Team of Valenti Consulting


VERONA (ITALY) - MÁLAGA (SPAIN) After meeting last June 16th, 2023, in Madrid during the first event on international arbitration organized by CIAM (Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid), the same shared interests and different (though somehow related) previous work experiences in construction matters triggered an immediate professional synergy between the Italian-Argentinian Eng. Pablo Fanelli and Daniela Valenti (Founder of Valenti Legal & Business Consulting).

As of August 2023, the area dedicated to Real Estate of Valenti Consulting is, therefore, expanded incorporating also the Construction Industry, to be able to guarantee an adequate workspace to a great professional endowed with an important experience of many years, as well as inexhaustible enthusiasm and desire to make himself available to companies operating in the sector.

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