LEGAL/ Sports Law: The Reform of Professional Sports Work in Italy


VERONA (ITALY) On 25th September 2023, Valenti Consulting's Legal team attended an important conference held in Verona and dedicated to the "Reform of professional sports work with reference to the impact, in particular, on the work of professional football players in Italy".

The main aspects discussed by the panel of experts were as follows:

  • The Sports Labour Reform in Legislative Decree No. 36/2021 (and its 'corrective measures');

  • The Employment Contract of the professional football player: essential elements, special clauses and termination;

  • The Role of the Sports Agent in the stipulation/renewal of the professional football player's employment contract (with a look at the recent regulation of the activities of sports agents);

  • The new Economic Agreement for "Serie A" professional football players: the most discussed issues and the most relevant novelties.

For more information on the novelties introduced by the Italian Reform, the Legal team will be glad to answer enquiries sent to the email address:

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