LEGAL/ Sports Law: Sport Justice and Criminal Justice starting with the "CASO ALEX SCHWAZER"


VERONA (ITALY)   Last Friday 27th of October 2023 Valenti Consulting's Legal Team attended an exciting conference dedicated to the analysis of the peculiarities of Sports Justice, as well as the comparison with Criminal Justice, starting from the famous 'Alex Schwazer Case'.

The main topics addressed by the distinguished speakers included Sports Justice, Anti-Doping legislation and an in-depth comparison between sporting offence and criminal offence.

The climax of the day was then reached by the speech of Mr. Brandstätter, lawyer of the athlete Alex Schwazer, who looked at his client's case not only from a legal perspective, but also (and above all) from a human point of view.

The conference, opened by the speech of the city's mayor and former footballer Damiano Tommasi, was held at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Verona.